Speak Up, Be Counted: Here’s What We’re Gonna Do (1.20.14)

The Story So Far:

First, I got a great idea.

I realized quickly that I needed better tools.

There were so many questions, and so many of them overlapped, that suddenly the project needed a FAQ.

Soon, there was a name, and support from unexpected places.

What’s Happening Now:

FIRST! I need your help.

  • I need you to respond to the survey. Even if you don’t think your voice counts – it does. We’ve all taken a break, at one time or another. I want to know about yours.
  • I need you to ask your local group leaders to help me signal boost. Anywhere that I’m welcome to crosspost, please, please, please let me know. I’m going to be sending out requests to places I already know in the next few days – the places that I don’t know are, to me, more important. We need to work together to help boost the voices that otherwise we’d never hear. We need to know what they have to say!

SECOND! I’m putting together ideas. I’m open to suggestions.

  • Create a wordcloud based on the privacy-redacted text used in the stories: a visual representation of common themes (NOTE: Any names, venues, and other non-public information will be removed from the raw text before processing.)
  • Create a tag system to annotate common ideas and problems – categorize the issues brought up, and have an identification system to see how many stories report each tag or set of tags
  • Aggregate demographic data – create categories for each demographic variable based on self-identification from each respondent

THIRD! I want to know what you want to know.

  • I’ve already gotten requests for private and/or public information on particular categories (by region, theme, demographic, etc.). I will not be releasing any data until I have aggregated, anonymous figures to use. That’s going to take a while, but I promise I’m working on it.
  • If there’s a specific dataset you’d be interested in seeing, let me know! Drop a comment in this thread, please, so that we can all see what’s been requested and brainstorm about other useful breakdowns. If you’re uncomfortable with doing that, send me a message.

FOURTH! Here’s what I can say, with confidence, right now:

  • We’re rude to each other.
  • We respect boundaries – as long as we think they’re important boundaries.
  • We respect identities – as long as we think they’re important identities.
  • We don’t understand the ways we hurt each other, and often “not understanding” comes across as “not caring.”

So here’s the takeaway: we’ll never know what we don’t know until we ask the right questions, and make space to hear the answers. Help me find out what the right questions are, and how to make enough space that silence isn’t the default answer anymore.

Speak Up, Be Counted


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